Case studies.

60 Custom illustrations


Custom illustrated 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, depicted across 5 elements (earth, fire, metal, water, wood). A total of 60 illustrations.

The illustrations were then used to design a set of 60 playing cards, playing card box, and audio album covers.

The client wanted these illustrations to have the hand drawn look of vintage playing cards, with smudged painted backgrounds for the album covers. To achieve this, the illustrations were completed in Procreate using Apple Pencil and iPad.

I worked with the client to include layers of meaning within each illustration. Everything has significance to depict different concepts - colours, outfits, hand held objects, head direction and placement of Chinese script symbols.

A rigorous proofing process ensured that this complex project was kept on track.

Skincare range launch

Brand identity development, packaging design, e-commerce website design and development, photography art direction, social media design (including simple video).

This client came to me with an existing logo, which I adjusted and developed into a proper brand identity.

Next, I designed packaging to reflect the brand values. The packaging was designed to ensure that new items could be added to the range using colour to differentiate.

An e-commerce website was needed to sell the products online. I developed a fully responsive, custom designed Woocommerce store. I worked with the client's SEO specialist to adjust pages as required.

I created a look and feel for social media, with extensive template based designs to keep branding on track while providing variety. I worked with a social media strategist to provide monthly designed content, including simple yet high quality video edits as required.

A challenging business name

Some business names provide a design challenge, and this was the case for this Australian pre school logo.

The school name is Musgrave Hill Community Children's Centre. The school name is long and awkward for a logo design, but this could not be changed as the school is very well established in the community. Using the acronym MHCCC does not make sense, as it is too clinical.

My solution was to split the logo into a name and descriptor tag. Logo variations were consciously designed to always include the descriptor.

The client wanted to include Australian gum trees in their logo. I hand drew these in Procreate, and used the simple shapes as part of their brand identity. This provides structure while also maintaining a childlike aesthetic.

This project included a detailed brand identity document, signage, pull up banners and concepts for social media and staff uniforms.